Yoga instructors at Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre

Our instructors emphasise the enrichment of yoga practice through alignment and the Marjari style of yoga.

Jenn Buford

9.45am Wednesday

Jenn has enjoyed studying and practising yoga for over 20 years and teaching for more than 10. Jenn loves sharing the teachings that she have benefited so greatly from with others.

Jenn is inspired by yoga and fosters a light-hearted environment that encourages a positive attitude to the body and practice.

These classes emphasise the enrichment of the yoga practice through alignment and guide students to work with a mind-set of healthy self-challenge within a respect for the body’s immediate abilities.



Mary Macleod-Watson

11am & 7pm Monday
7pm Wednesday
9.30am Thursday
11am Friday
3pm Sunday


Marjari yoga is a slow, gentle sequence of postures and breathing exercises. The mind is focused on the breath, moving in unison with the body. With regular practise we improve health, strength and flexibility.