How we're different

In a lot of ways, you can get a workout pretty much anywhere. You burn the same calories, run the same distance on the machine, stretch the same muscles, and lift the same kilos.

What makes Club Active different?

Your body doesn't know the difference, but when you're a member of Club Active, you do know. And your city does too. Because what makes Club Active different is what you are a part of.

A Club Active gym membership is slightly different from other gym memberships in that it is operated through Wellington City Council, so your membership contributes to advancing sporting opportunities and physical wellbeing for all Wellingtonians. You'll be supporting everything from community sports programmes to surf lifesaving and teaching our kids to swim to providing facilities for older people or the very young ... and more.

And you’re paying for more than just a gym. With a Club Active membership you're getting in return 2 gyms, 7 pools and becoming part of 1 community.

By being part of Club Active you're playing a part in it all.

So don't get just a workout, get more out.

'Get more out' Club Active poster.