Yoga instructors at Freyberg Pool & Fitness Centre

Our instructors offer a variety of styles including Vinyasa Flow, Yang and Yin, Hatha and Marjari yoga.


Linda George

6.15pm Monday, 9.15am Friday
10am & 4pm Saturday

Linda’s classes combine Yang and Yin styles of yoga. Yang yoga is active and flowing and requires us to work our musculature. Yin yoga is more passive and relaxed and works at the level of the fascia, or connective tissue. It's in the unity of the two practices that we become more conscious, peaceful, happier and content.



Maria Ortiz

4pm Sunday

Maria takes a holistic approach in her practice, combining Hatha yoga with a bit of flow. Her background in Latin dance, Pilates and cultural performance gives her the ability to focus on balance, flexibility, alignment and strength, while remaining connected to the heart. Sessions finish with a relaxing guided meditation.



Mary Macleod-Watson

8.45am Monday, Tuesday & 11.30am Sunday

Marjari yoga is a slow, gentle sequence of postures and breathing exercises. The mind is focused on the breath, moving in unison with the body. With regular practice we improve health, strength and flexibility.



Muni Cari

10.30am Wednesday & 7pm Thursday

You can expect to work up a sweat in Muni's fun and‑chal­­lenging c­lasses. They interweave Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin and Pi­lates – in particul­ar, the strong movement and f­low of Ashtanga and the deep stretching and ho­lding of Hatha. These powerful­ postures are designed to make you strong and flexible.



Tracy-Eve Teramoto

5.45pm Tuesday

A strong, challenging Hatha Flow based class, suitable for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced practitioners. Over time the class will help build strength, flexibility and confidence, increase vitality, and create a sense of calm and wellbeing.