Fitness consultants at Freyberg Pool & Fitness Centre

Whatever your goals are, we've got a fitness consultant who can help you achieve them.
Fitness consultants at Freyberg in playful poses.

Three 30-minute induction sessions

As a member, our fitness consultants give you three 30-minute induction sessions at the gym. You will also receive your own personal exercise programme. Daily support and guidance is available at the gym if you need it.

Personal training

If you want more dedicated ongoing support or have specific programming needs, we can also provide personal training services at an additional cost. For more information, please speak to us next time you are at the gym or contact us.

Personal trainer costs

For members:

  • $40 for a 30-minute session

  • $70 for a 60-minute session

For non-members the above rates apply + $22.

Workout videos

If you are looking for tips, watch these workout videos where our instructors show you how to use the equipment.

Putting a name to that face


Ajay Chouhan

  • Diploma Exercise Science

  • Club Active team member for 8 years

"I am old school – I love to train ancient body weight circuit training systems. I enjoy all forms of martial arts and love the theatre."



Angelia Beamsley

  • National Certificate in Fitness Level 2

  • Club Active team member for 3 years

"I have a passion for running. I have been competing for the majority of my life over multiple distances. I enjoy all forms of exercise and will give anything a go."



Gino Edwards

  • National Certificate in Fitness – Fitness Consultant

  • Tacfit Field Instructor

  • Club Active team member since 2014

"I have an affinity with the water and like to spend my time spearfishing and practising martial arts."



Natasha O’Connor

  • National Certificate in Fitness – Fitness Consultant

  • Basic Ortho-Bionomy Foundation (WSM)

  • Recreation, Event Management & Sports Studies

  • Tash has been a full-time Fitness Consultant for over 10 years

"Movement for everyone!"



Sean Wilkinson

  • Club Active Manager

  • BSc Exercise Science Sports Medicine

  • Club Active team member since 2007

"I had an international career in springboard diving. I now like to keep active through surfing, snowboarding and practising martial arts."



Terry Loorparg

  • Diploma in Exercise Science

  • Terry has been involved in the fitness industry for over 20 years

"I enjoy international cuisine, craft beer and New Zealand wine."

Looking for a Club Active consultant who's not listed here? Contact us